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Towards the future, we have done several projects that represent our company. We have successful delivered a various number of projects
from industries and communities that involved in designing the special dashboard and system.

In-House Project 

Mobile Apps

Successful Project


Iot For Residential Security System Features :  Centralizes residential party, 24/7 monitoring system, No waiting time for visitors, Reduced traditional system cost


Muslim Prayer Scanner Features :  QR code speed scanner, Reduce Q-lining waiting time, Friendly audit user system, Accordingly, automated entry of data user

Tourism Management System

A tour guide app for Malaysian who visit Taiping Features : GPS tracking to detect interesting place, Geofencing, Push Notification, AR Information View


Online educational platform for primary & secondary school. Features :  Homework task submission, Discussion tab, Syllabus reference


App that helps coordinate food business operations in terms of food ordering. Features : View nearby restaurants and eateries, View the restaurant menu, Order food directly

On-Going Project


FUTUREJOBS provide a comprehensive training, educational content, professional certification and talent solutions to anyone who sees the potential of AI and wishes to harness it.


A platform to gather new talents from most of the startup company based in Johor focusing on Industrial Revolution 4.0

Who's Who

A platform that gathers profiles and biographies of technologies related field and experts which applies the blockchain elements.


To deliver a platform for user to consult with different type of industrial specialist about problem/issue that related with industrial 4.0.

Johor National Park - Ticketing System

An application for Johor National Park with better efficiency while paying ticket at the ticket counter. Customer able to make transaction without queueing at the counter. It is also contain all information about national park in Johor that make it easier for tourists to recognize and visit the Johor national park.

Johor Tourism

A Johor travel application with multiple platforms for tourists to discover the places that occur in Johor. Users can identify the information and details through the application.


The ECONINJA is a community based social entrepreneurship company to offer sustainable technology solutions through game-changing revolutionary approaches, while leading the way for socially conscious communities.


A car advertisements tracker to reach many potential advertiser at a low cost towards a more audience centered view. Lead the increasing realization that besides traditional advertising, there are variety of alternative media to communicate and build relationships with consumers.


A Muslim application assistant, which is used by millions of Muslims around the world. Provides the most precise results when it comes to seeking prayer times and Qibla. It aids in the organization of your religion life.


SportNinja provides a platform for you to explore more about sports.


We support and enhance Malaysia as main tourism destination in Malaysia thorough digital strategies. We also encourage tourism both inbound and outbound market for the local tourism industry.


To enhance aptitude towards science & math so that they embrace it and grow with it while relishing the learning procedure.


Agriculture is the art and science of cultivating the soil, growing crops and raising livestock. It includes the preparation of plant and animal products for people to use and their distribution to markets. Agriculture provides most of the world's food and fabrics.

Majlis Ayahanda Malaysia

MASIA is a one-stop destination to create, manage, and promote membership websites. It’s allow user to make a registration with Majlis Ayahanda Malaysia.

Agro Johor

We provide a platform to market their sales products directly to consumers. Our products can help farmers to sell their agricultural produce online and suggest agricultural processes using the best concepts.


SIJIL2U provides you to customize your own certificates design to fit each occasion, incorporate your branding, and reuse custom templates or different occasions.

Koperasi Johor

We provide various categories to facilitate all your affairs. We always display the latest information for our clients.

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