Our Projects

Research & Development (R&D)

Successful & On-Going Project

Towards the future, we have done several projects that represent our company. We have successful delivered a various number of projects
from industries and communities that involved in designing the special dashboard and system.

Research & Development (R&D)

Industrial Project

IoT Hot Water Solution & Dashboard

This system works on monitoring and control system extends beyond the facility operation and maintenance to include the making good use of the operational technology (OT) data obtained via this type of software. The IoT system will replace the manual reading process for all the tanks in Solution Department.

Digital Defect Counter & Dashboard

This project is to increase the productivity by having a centralized control centre that is extremely user-friendly. As you can see, adding a human machine interface can benefit a facility in operation, safety, and productivity.

Ticketing Apps & Dashboard

Report the facilities defects in a digital way. The report will categorise into Building Management (BMGT), Electrical (E&B) and Air Conditioning (HVAC). Each report will have real-time status and actions taken.

OEE (Overal Equipment Effectiveness) for Finishing/Moulding & Dashboard 

To digitalize the data collection process in order to reduce human error and increase the overall efficiency in data collection.
AI Project: Diagnostic Tool Capping

Utilize AI/ML to build diagnostic tools for better capping levelling and predict the capping profile to product quality attributes.

AI Projects: Spare Part Reordering
Utilize AI to predict the reordering of spare parts with usage pattern, parts procurement lead time etc.
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